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Self sponsorship visa: 

Self-Sponsorship is for those who wish to come and work in the UK or switch into this category for running own business without the hassle of finding UK sponsor. 

Who is it meant for? 

If the applicant is a successful businessperson and manage to identify a business in the UK or someone with a great business plan and want to setup and grow business in the UK as well as the applicant intention is to want to own UK business & Lead to manage it.

How do I qualify?

Self-Sponsorship is open to anyone who satisfies all of the following:

What kind of business qualifies for Self-ponsorship? 

It is the applicant’s choice. Depending upon the previous skills and experience Any legal business can qualify for the self-sponsorship.

What is the benefit of this route? 

This may be one of the best choices available to work and live in the UK, especially if one wants to start a business or expand businesses globally. 

Point to remember- There isn’t a real “Self Sponsorship Visa,” it is only one of the ways to enter The UK under skilled worker category. The Self Sponsorship Visa will enables to establish a UK company that helps to extend current visa / employment in the UK. It is very important to note that a UK Settled Resident Director is required to perform home office duties. Overseas nationals are not permitted to carry out such activities. The good news is one can own shares in the business and there is no minimum investment requirement, unlike the Innovator Visa.

Frequently asked questions: 

1. Can I bring my Dependents? 

Ans: Yes, you can until December 2023, however, the new immigration rules restrict the students to bring their dependents, unless the applicant is enrolled as a student under Research or PhD level. These are to take affect from January 2024 onwards.

2. How much salary must I earn? 

Ans: Depending upon the salary set by the home office Appendix-A for the job role you are employed.

3. Do I qualify for ILR / Settlement? 

Ans: Yes on a 5 year route.

4. Can I switch from student Tier-4 to this?

Ans: Yes absolutely, however, the new rules announced in MAY 2023 restrict the ability for international students to switch into work routes before their studies have been completed.

5. My visa is expiring soon or just expired a few days ago. What can I do?

Ans: Please contact us for further options as each individual circumstances are different. We may be able to help you.